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Both looking for love and validation through their mobile device, Max and Bliss weave a web of allure as they follow each other through the labyrinthine of social media, but who folds first and actually embraces what they truly desire?

DANCE (2018)

A silent film for the digital age, DANCE explores the impacts of the digital age in the realms of self-perception, love, and, desire. Max, our antihero, is paradoxically consumed by both self-centeredness and an existential loneliness. Having ceded control of his social interactions to self-promotion in his perfectly curated world of social media, he finds himself craving something more. He meets Bliss, an enigmatic beauty, who is seemingly everything he has been searching for. But, as Max comes to realize he's chasing his own projection, he begins to question what is real, and is faced with a choice, does he dive back into the digital abyss or pursue a more classic means of finding love?

Writer/Director: John-Michael Triana | Producers: Zack Zucker & Austin Sepulveda

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